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a blowout!
Saturday, June 4, 2011

There was this big sale on the market district today. I was only supposed to take a look. I ended up having to ask for my friends' help to carry everything I bought.

I went to the record store first. I wanted to check out what's happening. When I found a discount of 50% on the CD I was eyeing for a long time, I grabbed it immediately. Then I found another album that has a 60% discount tag on it and it was the last piece, I grabbed it as well. Everything was on sale. Even posters, earphones, and movies-- everything. I blew out on myself.

Then it was time to check out the fruits stand, and ojisan also marked down his prices. I bought a lot of fruits and vegetables. Then it hit me, if everything here is on sale, then surely beef and meat is also on sale! So I went to the supermarket and went into impulse buying meat, beef, poultry and fish. I found myself carrying a lot that my fingers start to hurt. Plus, there's lots of people, so it was hard to move. I had to call, Mikoto-chin and Akira for help. They said that they were also carrying a lot in the market district.

"They're here too?" is everyone on Earth here for this huge sale? I called Harima-san for help instead. I called him on his apartment, but it took him only a minute to get here. Sugoi.

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the other me talking
Friday, March 23, 2007

Today is a magical friday. I never thought of bumping onto Karasuma-kun in the grocery store. Cool. He's so cool. He was holding a pack of blank CDs when I saw him pick up the groceries I dropped. I wonder what the CDs are for? Is it fun to listen to blank CDs? OR maybe every blank CD has a secret content in them that gets overwritten whenever they're burned.

That can't be. Crazy.

He really caught me by surprise so I'm all hysterical. I guess.

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question mark on my head
Saturday, January 27, 2007

It should be easy to find a good topic these days. The words on the street, the news on the tv, the comments coming from my friends, the lyrics on the radio, they're all potential titles. I'm bothered why I can't write anything.

Having scattered ideas is almost the same as having none. I can't start with multiple ideas. Well, I could fuse them but a single topic is easier and simpler. Besides, I don't need a complicated topic for a 10-point essay.

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